How To Give A Surprise Party

Throwing a surprise party can be exciting and a lot of fun. Not only is the act of doing something good for someone exhilarating, it is also a good way to show the person you care. However, it might not be an easy task, especially if the person you are planning on surprising is nosy and inquisitive. When they know their birthday is coming around, they might get alert at everything that happens around them and they get very inquisitive about anything they notice out of place or out of the norm. To keep things going and be able to throw a genuinely great surprise party, follow the below tips and you should be fine.


Let everyone you are inviting know that this is a surprise party and the person it for should under no circumstances come to know about the party. This way you have spread the word out inviting your guests and also made sure that they all know the nature of the party so they will not go and ask or tell anything to the guest of honor.

Get the star to the venue

Make plans of how you are going to get the guest of honor to attend his own party without knowing where he is going. It is an even better surprise when the party is a part of his normal routine. Comes home from work to find out there is a surprise party waiting for him would be ideal.

Get everything from out

We love preparing everything from scratch when we are throwing a party, but this would mean pre-preparations. And pre-preparations can set off a red flag to the guest of honor, especially if he lives with you or visits you often. Get event rentals Dubai to organize the arrangements for the party so you don’t have to do much ahead of time.

Make sure that your other guests are welcome

Arrange to get chairs and tables for rent in order to accommodate everyone that has been invited for a party. When people don’t have enough place to sit down, they tend to stand around and make the place feel a little crowded, dampening the spirit of the whole party.

Games and favors

Just like any other party, this party will also need to have entertainment planned for the guests. It will also need to have giveaways for when people are a leaving. Plan these ahead of time and buy the, and store them in a place not visited often by the guest of honor. If there is no such place, arrange to have it kept at a friends until the time the party starts

Surprise parties are great fun for the person for whom they are thrown, it leaves a lasting memory in their minds and makes them feel loved and cared for.

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