4 Basic Steps To Consider When Applying For Residency In Canada From USA

Canada is one of the countries that have a vibrant economy, a gorgeous landscape and rich history. It is therefore, one of the most sought after countries to immigrate to especially by many US citizens. There are several ways in which you can gain permanent residency mainly through the governmental immigration programs. Here are some initial steps that you can take if you are considering immigrating to Canada.

Why do you want to move?

It is important to first and foremost determine your eligibility to move to Canada. For US citizens, although visiting does not require you to obtain a visa or any other sort of authorization; when it comes to residing in Canada, there are several criteria you must be eligible for and tests such as the CELPIP test you must take. Some of the reasons for a moving can be specific skills that can be used, a job, relatives or friend’s nomination for a permanent residency or to be an entrepreneur.

Read the rules and requirements

There are various immigration rules that you will have to check depending on the province you select to apply for, example some areas may require a higher degree of skill than the others. The requirements can vary from certain tests to other features such as age, nationality or work experience and so on. However, the tests that you are required to sit for will test you on a various set of skills and knowledge including English, keep in mind that some of them can be daunting tests and not quite like the Pearson English exam that you would have once sat for. So preparing ahead will help you get through the initial obstacles. Go right here to gain ,ore information about Pearson English Exam.

Things that will reduce your eligibility

There are certain actions and personal history that may result in an almost guaranteed rejection of your immigration application so if you have any prospects in the future of migrating, avoiding any elements of crime, financial trouble or even have any serious health risks will be helpful.

Evaluation of the different immigration programs

Do some extensive research on the various immigration programs that are available in Canada. This will help you select the best program that is also the easiest and most suited for your individual requirement. For example, there is Express Entry program for skilled workers. This is entirely based online making employers in Canada to select and hire skilled employees quickly. There are other programs that include entrepreneurial activities or nominations by a family or friend. Choose one that suits you best.

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